Wellcome to Unreal Dreams!

Unreal Dreams is a (at the moment) one person studio created by Alberto Espinal @Alverspin, based in Seville, Spain.

My objetive is create original and different games, working in new game design paths, mainly centered in narrative. I make games with Unreal Engine 4.

Actually Iā€™m working on Where Are You, a story-rich narrative game with a unique visual style. A son try to discover the hidden story of his father through the landscapes that he painted. Released planed for first quarter-2021.

There is too another projects finished and in development that you can watch in this website.

If you need extra information don’t forget to consult the PRESS KIT or contact with me.

You can follow Unreal Dreams on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Itch.io

I have a lot of things planned for the next years, take a look to the Unreal Dreams Roadmap šŸ‘‰

Why Unreal Dreams?

The name might seem related with the fact that I make games with Unreal Engine, but not really. First I made games with Unity, but then I tested UE4 and I falled in love with this awesome engine.

The real meaning of Unreal Dreams is related with making games. For me, making games was always a dreams, I always loved videogames, but this dreams seemed to be imposible, like unreal. Thus make games is for me like turn unreal dreams into real.

The Unreal Dreams phylosophy

  • Unreal Dreams is focused on make different and original games. The design lines are the new narratives, gameplay and characters. Making a game is fully unnecessary if it does not contribute anything new.
  • The videogame is a powerful tool to change the world. The apolitical videogames are a fallacy, a game sounds apollitical when his policy is in line with the capitalist sistem and its norms. Unreal Dreams is a socialist and anti-system videogame company that understand games as a work of art with the capability to change things.
  • I believe in a game industry as a nice place to work. Unreal Dreams is radically opposite to crunch and another toxic work practices in the industry. Likewise, Unreal Dreams is radically opposite to any kind of oppresion. Unreal Dreams is ecologist, feminist, pro-LGTB, anti-racist and anti-fascist. And it will be demonstrated both in the videogames that are made and in the work environment of the future company.