About me

Hi! My name is Alberto, I´m from Seville (Spain) and i was born in 1984. I love art and videogames.

I studied scenery in ESAD (Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático) in Seville. During years I was, above all, an artist, being the art about my main work.

In last years I have devoted mainly to the videogames research and development. First I created my own blog Videojuegos y arte (Videogames and art) about the relationship between videogames and art. More than two years ago I am making videos for my own youtube´s channel Alverspin: videojuegos y arte (Alverspin: videogames and art), mainly dedicated to videogames, with more than 700 videos, 500 suscribers and more than 150.000 views. Thanks to my youtube´s channel I joined to the spanish web INDIE LOCUS, dedicated to the indie games, as writer, during more than two years i have been also director, until its closure in march 2016.

Currently I have my activity center in game development, such as game designer and artist. I have two small video games already released and several projects in development.


  • Scenery
  • Fine arts: drawing, painting, sculpture
  • 3D: autocad and sketch up
  • Writting
  • Blogging
  • Videogames researcher
  • Videogames development: creative, script, pixel art, unity
  • Production and filmaking
  • Video edition
  • Photo edition