Explore and discover the many secrets hidden in the unknown and beautiful open world of Far (Away) by land, sea and air.

Far (Away) is an open world game focused on exploration and adventure. From the hand of Rae, the young protagonist, we discover, by land, sea and air, the secrets and mysteries that hides the exciting and rich history of the game.

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What will we find in Far (Away)?

A unique game that explores new mechanics and an immersive way of telling the story, without cuts or kinematics. Are you tired of the same old games? Far (Away) is your game.A huge open world to explore.We will not only explore by land, we will also sail, dive and even fly.A fascinating and rich history that we will discover playing.A world of great visual beauty of cartoon style.Sections platforms and secrecy. A unique protagonist, Rae, with a hidden history that we will discover as the game progresses Who is Rae? Crowd of NPC’s and wildlife with which to interact.